Our food

Today’s specials

Served until 16:00 every day

Fish of the day2190 kr.
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Chicken of the day2190 kr.
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Burger of the month2190 kr.
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Served after 16:00 every day

Fish of the day2690 kr.
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Chicken of the day2690 kr.
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Burger of the month2690 kr.
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The Bastard‘s

The Bastard of Louisiana2590 kr.
Crusted chickend strips with BBQ sauce, french fries and blue cheese dip

Fat Bastard 150 gr2590 kr.
150g Burger, spicy mayo, beef brisket, aged Tindur cheese, tomatoes and onion served with tomato relish, pickled jalapeno, pickles and french fries

Double Bastard 2 X 80 gr.2390 kr.
2x80g Burger with simply cheese and sauce. Bastard house sauce, cheddar cheese and french fries

Skinny Bastard 2390 kr.
Burger with Portobello mushroom, baked garlic aioli, arugula, tomato relish and french fries

French fries 990 kr.
Side salad 590 kr.
Extra sauce 300 kr.

Bastard sauce, blue cheese sauce, baked garlic aioli, BBQ sauce, spicy mayo or mustard mayo


Duck Confit2090 kr.
Crispy flatbread with confit of duck legs, kale and basil pesto, pine nuts and pickled chili

Beef Carpaccio2090 kr.
Crispy flatbread with beef carpaccio, baked garlic mayo, arugula, Parmesan, crispy sunchokes and roasted almonds

Goat Cheese2090 kr.
Crispy flatbread with goat cheese, fresh and crispy kale, walnuts, pesto, beetroots and pickled mustard seeds

Parma Ham2090 kr.
Crispy flatbread with Parma ham, portobello mushrooms, pine nuts, mustard mayo,
arugula and Parmesan

TACO (SOFT TACO) 2 pc. 1890 kr. 3 pc. 2690 kr.

Beef Brisket
Soft tortilla with braised beef brisket, spicy mayo, Lyonnaise onions, hazelnuts and garden cress

Grilled Chicken Thighs
Soft tortilla with chicken, spicy guacamole, pico de gallo, and crispy bacon

Pulled Pork
Soft tortilla with pulled pork, mustard dressing, pickled red cabbage and crispy sunchokes

Soft tortilla with seared tuna, hoisin BBQ sauce, dill mayo, pickled chili, sunchokes and kale

Vegan taco
Soft tortilla with spicy guacamole, pickled red cabbage, crispy sunchokes and roasted almonds


Hummus & Pesto – 1990 kr
Garlic hummus, chipotle chili hummus and date pesto with sundried tomatoes, served with grilled garlic flatbread

Cheese & Charcuterie3790 kr.
Perfect to share – Tindur cheese, blue cheese, Camembert cheese, Parma ham, Chorizo, cured beef, served with crispy flatbread, chili jam and olives

Baked Camembert  – 1990 kr.
Honey roasted nuts, apple and chili chutney and crispy flatbread

Nachos1590 kr.
Served with homemade jalapeno cheese dip, and pico de gallo

Pretzel1590 kr.
Served with homemade jalapeno cheese dip

Chocolate Bites990 kr.
Brownie bites with strawberries


Saturdays and sundays from 11:30 to 16:00

Brunch Plate – 2490 kr.
Scrambled eggs, bacon, crispy potatoes, Camembert, Parma ham,
fresh berries, pancakes, Greek yogurt with granola and syrup

Brunch pan – 1890 kr.
Pancake tower with bacon, fried egg and hollandaise sauce

Croque Madame – 1890 kr.
Oven roasted brioche sandwich with Parma ham, Tindur cheese, Mornay sauce and fried egg

Pancakes – 1290 kr.
Pancakes, syrup and butter

Orange juice – 450 kr.
Mimosa – 1600 kr.
Glass of Sparkling – 1600 kr.
Bloody Mary – 2000 kr.
Hugo Spritz – 2000 kr